Latino Group Really Shakes Things Up

Holy cow! It was almost like the Earth shook in the nation’s capital after the country’s largest and most influential Latino civil rights group came out and said what many others have been complaining about: that the Obama administration has taken a fancy to deporting people left and right, and it’s time to say something about it.

This administration has already broken a record — deporting more people than all previous administration combined — and later this month is set to break another record: the two million (deportation) milestone.

NCLR president and CEO Janet Murguía said it was FINALLY time to speak up.

“For us, this president has been the deporter in chief,” Murguía said. “Any day now, this administration will reach the 2 million mark for deportations. It is a staggering number that far outstrips any of his predecessors and leaves behind it a wake of devastation for families across America.”






Murguía says she is also angry at House Republicans for not moving on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) legislation, but said the president can use his power of executive orders to stop deportations.

Her comments are a far cry from the standing ovation and cheers NCLR gave then-presidential candidate Obama in 2008 when he visited the group’s convention and told the gathering that CIR would be one of his top priorities.

President Obama and Janet Murguía at NCLR convention
Obama and Murguía at the NCLR convention

NCLR and the White House has had a largely friendly relationship, and former NCLR vice president Cecilia Muñoz is the president’s Domestic Policy Advisor and point person on CIR and other issues of interest to the Latino community; which makes Murguía’s comments all the more earth-shattering and reflect a growing frustration with the lack of movement on CIR.




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