Hunger Strike for Immigration Reform Continues

While there’s a lot of back and forth on what exactly is going to happen legislatively with comprehensive immigration reform this year, activists say they aren’t quitting, no matter what anyone says.

Since last week, several of them have been staging a hunger strike within sight of the U.S. Capitol and they’re talking about not going away until there’s a vote on CIR .

hunger strike







And to drive their point home, a few of them made the trek over to House Speaker Boehner’s office to push for a vote. Boehner has said he’s not bringing CIR to the floor this year AT ALL, but the activists aren’t taking no for an answer.

Activistas en ayuno caminan hasta la oficina del Presidente de la Camara de Representantes John Boehner para pedirle que tome accion a favor de una reforma migratoria.

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