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Our goal is to work with communities so Harvest of Empire can be seen by as many people as possible. We welcome your help and support. Community screenings are an excellent way to spread awareness and encourage dialogue on a local level. If you are interested in hosting a community screening please read below…

  • First, determine the type of community screening you are interested in hosting. Are you planning to sell tickets or not? If you are not planning to sell tickets, you will receive a discount for the Community Use DVD. This includes rights for community or public screenings WITHOUT PAID ADMISSION, plus our promotional assistance for your event
  • Second, if you are planning to sell tickets, please purchase the Fundraising Screening Package, which includes the right to show the film in a public setting as an educational forum or fundraiser. One kit includes: 1 Community Use DVD for exhibition, 10 Home Use DVDs to raffle or sell, 1 movie poster, sample press release, press kit, promotional flyer, and e-mailable movie trailer. For events of over 100 people, please contact us. In some cases we partner with organizations to co-raise funds.
  • Third, please inform us in advance about your plans. This way we can help advertise the event, provide promotional or educational materials, and make sure your event doesn’t conflict with other Harvest of Empire initiatives, including theatrical screenings.
  • With this purchase you agree to the following terms: You will not upload the DVD file on the internet for public use, the physical DVD copy will remain in the media library or office that made the purchase and you will not screen the film outside of the city in which the purchase was made
  • Location

  • If you are unsure of the venue location, please just list your city.
  • Viewing Information

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  • Please share your screening idea or any questions you have.
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