Closed Doors Will NOT Stop the DREAM!

After almost two days traveling by bus from Arizona to Washington, D.C., a group of DREAMers marched up to the congressional offices of House Speaker John Boehner, only to find it closed.

DREAMers praying at Boehner's door. Photo credit:  Nick Oza/The Arizona Republic
DREAMers praying at Boehner’s door.
Photo credit:
Nick Oza/The Arizona Republic

The DREAMers are in the nation’s capital as part of an intense lobbying effort to get immigration reform legislation moving before it’s too late.

Boehner’s staff told them he wasn’t meeting with them because they’re not constituents (he’s from Ohio). The DREAMers said they were disappointed but they’re not giving up at all.

And what a coincidence that on the same day this happens, Speaker Boehner later said he still considers immigration reform to be an important issue and he’s hopeful it’ll get on the House floor this year.

Advocates want him to put his money where his mouth is, saying they are more than enough votes for an immigration bill to pass, if only he would allow a vote.


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