Submission Suggestions

Use the hashtag #iContribute on every submission.

For photo submissions use one plain white sheet of paper, a dark marker (Sharpie), and make sure to provide a clear close-up where the text is legible.

Submit pictures that are clear, in focus, and the #iContribute hashtag is prominently featured.

Create your message or art in any language you desire.

Title and tag your media. Use the hashtag #iContribute in your message and also in the
title making easier for others to find and share.

Submit videos under 3 minutes long.

Clear sound is crucial, especially if you are talking. Turn off all additional noises to allow
clear understanding.

Do not use backlight. Make sure light is on your face, not behind it.

Talking Points/ Questions to ask yourself.

How do you contribute to your community, economy, and culture in the United States of

Are you happy you migrated and live in the United States? Why?

What personal or cultural qualities do you think you have that set you apart from “the
average American” type/mentality?

What country of origin did you migrate from?

What did you bring with you? (values, ideas, beliefs, passions, responsibilities).

What is your job, profession or means to income in the United States?

Could you do what you are doing here in your country of origin? Would you want to?

Describe how your duties, responsibility, and daily actions influence/affect the people
around you. What part do you play in the larger whole?

Do you believe in the American Dream?

What does the American Dream mean to you?

How do you live the American Dream?


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