Harvest of Empire Wins Imagen Foundation Award for Best Documentary Film or Television of the Year

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Wendy Thompson-Marquez Producer of Imagen Best Documentary of the Year Award and Jesus Salvador Trevino who received Imagen Lifetime Achievement Award.

Wendy Thompson Marquez and Jesús Salvador Treviño

Harvest of Empire Named Best Documentary by Imagen Foundation in L.A.

Harvest of Empire, the critically-acclaimed documentary on immigration produced and directed
by local filmmakers, won the prestigious Imagen Award as Best Documentary Feature at a star-studded ceremony held in Los Angeles on Friday, August 16. Produced by Wendy Thompson-Marquez and co-directed by Eduardo López and Peter Getzels, Harvest of Empire exposes the direct connection between the long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America and the immigration crisis we face today.

The film is now available to viewers across the U.S. online on iTunes, Amazon Instant
Video, YouTube. Vudu and Google Play. A DVD copy of the documentary can also be purchased at

For 28 years, the coveted Imagen Awards have honored the best film and television productions created by or about Latinos in the U.S. The black-tie ceremony was hosted by journalist Elizabeth Espinosa, and featured an audience of approximately five hundred attendees representing the entertainment industry and national Latino community. Among the celebrities in attendance were Aubrey Plaza, Bella Thorne, Constance Marie, Jon Huertas, Cierra Ramírez, Natalie Martínez and many other Latino performers.

Based on the landmark book by journalist Juan González, Harvest of Empire takes an unflinching look at the role that U.S. economic and military interests played in triggering unprecedented waves of migration from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The film reveals the true roots of the Latino presence in the U.S., and unveils a moving human story that is unknown to the great majority of citizens across the country. Here is a sampling of the critics’ reaction to Harvest of Empire:

Elizabeth Weitzman, N.Y. Daily News — “Four Stars! In an era of anti-immigrant fervor, this sobering and much-needed look at Latino migration is built on an undeniably optimistic premise: that once Americans have accurate facts, ‘they rarely allow injustices to stand.’”

Stephanie Merry, Washington Post — “Pick of the Week! Raises a very important moral question, and one that rarely enters the immigration debate: If America is responsible for destabilizing a country, what is our role when the country’s citizens suffer as a result?”

Rachel Saltz, N.Y. Times — “Harvest of Empire has a journalistic pedigree and a punch that comes from political advocacy…The filmmakers retain a touching faith that most Americans won’t tolerate injustice when they know about it. This film is meant to teach them.”

Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter — “With the immigration debate currently consuming much of the current political climate, there’s no better time for the release of Harvest of Empire.”

For more information on Harvest of Empire, please contact Susan Roth, prsue@rothpr.com.

Wendy Thompson-Marquez Producer of Imagen Best Documentary of the Year Award and Jesus Salvador Trevino who received Imagen Lifetime Achievement Award.Wendy Thompson Marquez and Jesús Salvador Treviño