Activists Rally to Keep CIR Alive

What’s happening next with comprehensive immigration reform? That depends on whom you talk with. President Obama and congressional supporters say it’s a go. Opponents say fuggeabouit. Pro-immigrant activists aren’t taking any chances, and they’re descending on the nation’s capital, sponsoring a rally and a briefing.   DREAMers, military veterans, and several members of Congress are …

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President Says He’ll Push for Immigration Reform

It looks like the federal government shutdown that has dragged on for almost three weeks is finally coming to an end, which means that comprehensive immigration reform is back on the front burner. At least that’s what President Obama is saying. In an interview with Univision Los Angeles affiliate KMEX-TV, the president said he’s definitely …

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We Are All Immigrants

   Many of those who rant and rave against undocumented immigrants and comprehensive immigration reform forget that nearly everyone here came from somewhere else: (undocumented immigration, says the caption, started in 1492)